Practice Areas

Foreclosure Defense

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Dustin Bowman Esq. and his associated attorneys have handled thousands of landlord-tenant cases from both perspective of the landlord and the tenant. Landlord-tenant law is an area of our expertise. Read More


Significant changes in the federal bankruptcy laws were enacted in 2005; however, many people over-reacted to misleading information about what these changes mean to the average American. Bankruptcy is still available as a remedy for most people. Read More

Contested/Uncontested Divorce

The state of New York is unique in that it is the only state remaining that requires fault to pursue a divorce. This makes matrimonial and family law in New York a little more complicated, adding steps that families have to go through in order to pursue marriage dissolution. Read More

Commercial Litigation

Whether your business is contemplating litigation to protect its interests or has been sued, you need effective counsel who understands your business goals. At Dustin Bowman, Esq. PC, we use exceptional combination of experience, legal skills, and creativity to gain the most favorable outcome possible. Our ability to assist clients in achieving their unique goals is well known in Southern New York.Read More

Real Estate Litigation

At the Dustin Bowman, Esq. PC, we represent homeowners, investors, developers, lenders, contractors, landowners, commercial landlords and real estate brokers in a wide range of real estate disputes.Read More

Corporate Formation

At Dustin Bowman, Esq. PC, we have been helping clients here in the U.S. and from abroad to establish and structure new businesses in ways that work to meet their needs and achieve their goals. Read More

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It was the first time it felt like I had a lawyer that was looking out for my interests. It was refreshing.