Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Dustin Bowman Esq. and his associated attorneys have handled thousands of landlord-tenant cases from both perspective of the landlord and the tenant. Landlord-tenant law is an area of our expertise. We have assisted landlords, tenants and lawyers with their landlord-tenant questions. We handle all aspects of landlord-tenant law and we do not shy away from difficult cases including matters involving post-foreclosure evictions and/or foreclosure litigation. In fact, many law firms refer cases to us that involve heated disputes or complex issues.

Due to our experience, we are often able to foresee the likely outcome in particular circumstances. To save clients time and money, we offer candid advice. When we feel that our services are not necessary or legal action is not prudent, we are open with clients about our concerns. It is not always necessary to litigate your disputes, especially when there are other less expensive means of finding a satisfactory solution.

In addition to a strong motion practice and a history of litigation success, our attorneys have an impressive record at the appellate level. Our success in appeals is a result of hard work, understanding of the law, persuasive advocacy and experience.

Practice Areas

  • Commercial & Residential Holdover Proceedings
  • Commercial & Residential Non-Payment Proceedings
  • Non-Primary Residence Holdover Proceedings
  • Nuisance Holdover Proceedings
  • Illegal Sublet Holdover Proceedings
  • Owner Occupancy Proceedings
  • Cooperatives and Condominiums
  • Pets in Violation of the Lease
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Subleases
  • Marshal’s Notices
  • Orders to Show Cause
  • Overcharges
  • Appeals
  • and more…

Ratings and Reviews

Dustin took an extremely complex unusual custody case and after many month of grueling litigation that led to a 6 day trial, the outcome couldn’t have made me happier.